• Anton Mescher

    Anton Mescher

    Overlord Cromarcky’s right-hand man, Anton oversees the city’s fortress-prison and leads the gendarmes.
  • Arnando Rolf

    Arnando Rolf

    Arnando Rolf is the High Publican of Riddleport's Church of Cayden Cailean, located at the Publican House. He is a very large man, and is almost always has a sword on his hip that has obviously seen use. Years ago, Arnando had problems with members the Or
  • Avery Syleg

    Avery Syleg

    The owner of a pricey inn called the River Runner, Avery Slyeg’s true interests lie in smuggling and other black-market operations; it’s said he has agents in two dozen cities throughout the Inner Sea region.
  • Boss Croat

    Boss Croat

    Known for keeping entirely half-orc minions, Boss Croat has his hand in much of Riddleport’s drug trade and other contraband.
  • Clegg Zincher

    Clegg Zincher

    One of Riddleport’s more notorious crimelords, Clegg runs the quite profitable Zincher’s Arena, a place where anyone can pay to see desperate men fight monsters (or, more commonly, each other).
  • Elias Tammerhawk

    Elias Tammerhawk

    Elias is the leader of the Order of Cyphers.
  • Gebediah Krix

    Gebediah Krix

    Elderly hermit who runs the Riddleport Light
  • Grimas Oltelder

    Grimas Oltelder

    Grimas runs the Velashu Ferry
  • Hyram Crooge

    Hyram Crooge

    Recluse who lives above the Boneyard
  • Lymas Sneed

    Lymas Sneed

    Notorious moneylender
  • Ruben Carfay

    Ruben Carfay

    Retired sea captain that runs the temple of Besmara.
  • Saul Vancaskerkin

    Saul Vancaskerkin

    Owner and proprietor of the Golden Gambling Hall
  • Shorafa Pamodae

    Shorafa Pamodae

    Tiefling High Priestess of the Temple of Calistria