Hello and welcome! Our Flagstaff Pathfinder gaming group is looking to expand. As soon as we have enough interested players, we’ll be starting the Second Darkness adventure path. We have a few interesting homebrew rules, and a lot of original content we’d like to add to this phenomenal story arc, as well as three rotating GMs to illustrate this vibrant world. Our gaming style is high fantasy, exaggerated and generally epic in scale. We’ve built a variety of pre-generated characters with fully illustrated backgrounds, should any player feel the urge to explore someone else’s creation. We’ll be starting with level 2 characters, using the Advanced Race creator with 15 point builds and 10,000 gold. I’ll likely include the Mythic Playtest at some point if players are interested, though all of these details are negotiable dependent on the players wishes. We love building stories, and are willing to do just about anything within the Pathfinder universe. Play times will usually be on fri/sat/sun. Drop me a message if you’re interested! This is my first experience with Guild Portal, and the site is a work in progress.

Second Darkness (Coins of the Dark)

Scrapophillia Moophe Coins_Of_Fortune